Wayne Rooney Derby County, who could be sacked from the Champions League in the second half of the season if a new owner is not found

Wayne Rooney ဒါ Derby County could be sacked from the Champions League if the English Football League does not have enough money to play until the end of the season.

There is controversy between the club’s chief executive and the club’s governing body over the club’s future, and the club needs to show enough money before February 1.

The English Football League is now pressuring Derby County to show enough money to get through the rest of the season.

Wayne Rooney’s Derby County need to find a new owner as soon as possible, and if they do not find a new owner, they will have to sell their players.

If a new owner is not found and a player transfer is not possible, Derby County will be disqualified.

Derby County are currently being bought by an investment group led by former Newcastle owner Mike Ashley, but they are unwilling to pay the ၅ 51million compensation owed by Middlesbrough and Wycombe.