The referee, who did not award a penalty, said Lampard was not even as intelligent as his three-year-old daughter

Everton manager Lampard has criticized VAR for neglecting a chance to score in City’s 1-0 win over Everton.

Minutes after City took the lead, City midfielder Rodr guez was sent off in the box and Everton demanded a penalty but were denied.

“I’m fine now,” Lampard said. I will not point the finger at the referee.

But why didn’t we get the penalty we deserved, not as an outcast? Initially,

he said he would not be penalized because of his condition, but the decision not to do so was a serious one.

And even if the referee’s point of view is set aside, the incident will take a minute and a half.

Why didn’t the VAR referee pay a penalty after watching for 2 minutes? Even my 3-year-old daughter can say it was a penalty.

“We are currently struggling to get out of the relegation zone and Manchester City are trying to win the title.

So everything is important for both teams.

What was the referee’s decision not to even give such an easy penalty?

“Which team does he want to win?”

The defeat leaves Everton just one point behind the relegation zone.

Manchester City remain top of the table, six points ahead of Liverpool.