Rannick blames Ronaldo and team

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has criticized the club’s attacking prowess for failing

to capitalize on their goalscoring prowess in last night’s Premier League clash with West Bromwich Albion.

United are aiming to qualify for the Champions League this season,

with 19th-placed West Bromwich Albion certain to be in contention for a place in the knockout stages.

Fernandez and Elanger wereted no time in the 0-0 draw.

“We did everything we could to score a goal. The result was hard to accept.

In the end, it was not easy to win if we lost a lot of chances. We controlled the whole game and did not allow any counter-attacks.

“We can not create more chances than we did today. It was a very disappointing match.”

“There were three or four more in the second half. We were creative enough to win today’s game. Sometimes we were unlucky.