hi… Buffy equals Ibrahimovic’s club record

He scored twice in PSG’s win over Saint-Etienne to equal former club striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s club record.

He scored two goals in the 3-1 win and scored 156 goals for PSG.

The first goal was scored by Saint-Etienne, and the equalizer was scored by Messi from a beautiful creation by Messi.

In the second half, Messi added another goal for Buffy.

Danilo’s goal was saved by Buffy and PSG were comfortable with a 16-point lead.

The 23-year-old has made just 205 appearances in all competitions, scoring more than half of his goals.

The number of creations has risen to 77, with an average of one goal per game being attributed to PSG, who paid more than £100 million for the player.

Cabani is the top scorer in the history of PSG with 200 goals. Buffy finished second with just 44 goals to catch up with Cavani.